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Post Info TOPIC: Hi all new here but mainly here due to Being my first bike… please read about TTR open end but I could never mono..??


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Hi all new here but mainly here due to Being my first bike… please read about TTR open end but I could never mono..??

So this was my first bike and it was around 2007-8 when I started or around 15-16.

I have rode other peoples bikes before and could use gears etc but took time for the weight side of it. But I got good. I used to ride BMX and jump the big jumps and even go to down hill MTB hills on my BMX XD but anyway I had a local top of the hill areas for new house dev but was not used and had been abandoned for like all my life I went there. it had like a circular ish track had bends but a up hill flat long straight into a down left or all left of you went the main way the other way the clockwise way wasn't as good Then a down hill bend and then a lower rut corner before back up the hill. Took me 2 mins approx to do it when I had friends time me.


anyway. MY MAIN issue here was that I could NEVER do a proper Mono. Like a slow/ medium or fast like just with the power of the bike.. only when I was on a track with a bump to get it up would it maybe stay up for a few mins but never could power it up.. 


it woupd hit top speed of 115~ in sixth I mean I tried learning on YT to slow mono but it wouldn’t lift I mean it would but idk it was 120kg I think I was maybe 60kg. But yeah it just never did have the grunt.. and I wonder if there would have been a way I could have tuned it to make it mono even in 4th etc is stead of slow or fast sitting byt a fast standing mono..? I know a full re build may have done that .. but I think it would need more… like it would need smaller sprockets? Front and back? Or bigger if that = more lower end torque. ? I do still have it at dad place interstate. In bad shape but. Like outside for years and rusting cobwebs it need professional care and it would cost $5k+ + to make it “like new” then for a new power bike like compares to a 2020 XR 250 or TTR 250 but with race gear and higher suspension new front inverted forks and yeah virtual new engine and lighter as possible. But yeah it won’t happen. It will be sold as a job to someone for a decent fair price at time. Unless we do fix. But I don’t live there. And not a mechanic. Anyway…. 

anywone let me know COULD YOU MONO or a Wheelie on the back tire alone.. on your TTR 250 Open Enduro? Fast could the bike LIFT YOU? Thanks .. And was this off the shelf ? Or was this second hand..? I know limited editions were made here., but since this is specific forum should be able to find answers. Thanks heaps anything added for talk of fine thanks for having me!




I will look for some photos when I visit in a week as I don’t have them on my device or in my home. But dad does. I’ll take some sad photos of the bike and the XR250zzz inknow not related but that’s his bIke. Won’t share here but yeah. Might see it in the other bike section in forum. :) thanks again. 

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