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Post Info TOPIC: Fitting Motrax indicators on rear mudguard

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Fitting Motrax indicators on rear mudguard

A quick "how to" to fit a pair of Motrax MicroFairing indicators. I tend to destroy the sticky outy indicators with my boots getting on and off but the flush indicators escape the punishment smile

Indicators 011.jpg


As seems to have been the case recently the aim might be simple but the execution gets complicated! I started off with one pair of indicators but broke the fixing tab off one of the lenses so had to start again with a new pair disbelief

So please excuse the change in indicators part way through the sequence!

The indicators are "sided" so check where the drain holes are to make sure they face down when fitted. Choose the indicator you are going to fit first and put the other out of the way so you can't make a mistake!

Indicators 006.jpg


Offer up the indicator to the mudguard and mark where the wires are so that the hole for the wires can be drilled in the right place.

Indicators 003.jpg


Because the wires coming out of the indicator are quite widely spaced, I elongate the hole so that the indicator will fit flush and not be held off the mudguard by the wires.

Indicators 004.jpg


Chop the bullet connectors off the indicator wires as they are too small for the TTR connectors and check the indicator will sit flush to the mudguard. You may have to open out the hole in the mudguard to get a good fit.

The indicators attach by some very sticky double sided sticky pads. I wipe the mudguard and back of the indicator with clutch cleaner to get the best "stick" and then fix the pad to the indicator first. The pad needed a bit of trimming on the Mark 1 indicators as below but the Mark 2 versions were OK.

Indicators 007.jpg


Push the indicator hard against the mudguard to get a good fix. I pressed too hard and broke the lens on the Mark 1 disbelief

Indicators 008.jpg


That's the first part of the job done. Wiring next. You need 4 Japanese female bullet connectors:

Indicators 015.jpg

Indicators 016.jpg


Connect the wires and you are ready to test them.

Indicators 012.jpg

Indicators 014.jpg

Indicators 013.jpg


And, yes, mine worked so job done biggrinbiggrin

Indicators 029.jpg


I think I took about 15 pics before I managed to catch the flasher working confuse

I hope that may help someone.



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