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Post Info TOPIC: Choke not working correctly and bike stalling out after throttle


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Choke not working correctly and bike stalling out after throttle

I will try and keep this a bit short...

Bike: 2005 TTR250 - Aussie spec.

Was doing some general cleaning on my Original carb that had done bugger all work from new (700km's) (it had a blocked pilot jet), ended up breaking the float tower off, had sourced a used carb.

I believe this used carb is the 'older' style from a 99 model - it doesn't have a plastic baffle and the choke knob is different to my 2005 carb, other than that I can see it is basically the same! Brilliant I thought!

So I pulled it partially down and put it in the ultra sonic cleaner for a about an hour or so, came out looking great! I only used water/dish soap so nothing hard for the rubbers.


Put it on and off the bike a few times due to misc leaks, but have sorted out the leaks, fixed the AP (wasn't squirting at all) and got the bike to run, but.....


When riding the bike and doing a heavy throttle run if i was to say wack the throttle open, hold it for a little, then pull the clutch the engine will stall out. It does start up again with some throttle, but it takes a few goes with the electric starter to get it running again. This will also happen at some partial throttle openings and 'general riding' but is most apparent during heavy throttle usage. The bike is not rideable as it will basically stall out if I clutch in while moving. It did not do this with the older carb so I suspect something is a miss? I had the bike idling nice and the fuel screw set correctly to my knowledge, although playing with those two things do not have an effect on this issue. Jets in the carb are a 147 main and 50 pilot, thats what was in my original carb and this one.

Any ideas?


Also the choke knob will stall out the engine, previously pulling the choke out will increase the rpms for a nice easy cold start. I did not remove the choke plunger during the ultrasonic bath so perhaps there is some debris or something wrong with that?


The engine feels nice and strong with no flat spots and I can go from low throttle openings to wide open throttle and it feels great, other than those two issues as above.

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  Sound very strange, is the breather pipe clear? could be that a vaccum is being caused and not letting the fuel flow from the perol tank?





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