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Post Info TOPIC: Carb / Intake manifold rubber "boot" question / bike running lean


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Carb / Intake manifold rubber "boot" question / bike running lean


Last Summer I purchased a 2006 TTR250 that has had very little use.  In fact, it sat in storage for roughly 6 years.  The previous owner didn't take care of the gas, and basically made a mess of the carb.  The guy I bought it from had the carb rebuilt, replaced fuel lines, etc.  When I bought the bike it ran fine.  I probably put about 100 miles on the bike last Summer.  Toward the end of the season, I noticed that the bike seemed to be running a bit hot.  


This Spring I got the bike out of storage.  When I started it, the bike would only run on full choke.  If I tried to give it any gas, it would backfire through the carb.  I tore it down and pulled the carb.  One of the jets was plugged.  I cleaned the jets, put it back together.  Now when I start it, the bike will run without the choke, but it still backfires.  It seems to be running lean.  


Here's my question:  When I pulled the carb out, I noticed that the intake manifold rubber boot between the carb and the engine slipped off.  Is this normal?  Shouldn't that be bolted / sealed to the engine?  It seems like this could have a potential for an air leak, causing it to run lean?  Is this boot supposed to easily slip on and off?





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It shouldn't slip off it's something that happens occasionally. It's possible to stick it back together as a temporary repair best solution is a new one 

From Yamaha or totaly ttrs shop 

There is a cheap Chinese one on eBay but haven't had much feed back on them other than some of them have the notch for the carby 180deg out of whack 

Type inlet stub into the search tab and there's a lot of info on the topic 

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My bike had exactly the same problem. It would randomly make a loud pop from around the carb. When I took off the carb the rubber detached from the metal bit of the manifold. Whoever designed this was retarded. I bought one of these from china and it sorted out the problem, no more backfires: 



Make sure you buy that specific one. There are others where the manifold notch is in the wrong place, as ttboof says.

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