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Back to Stock

This is such a simple thing compared to the monumental restorations that have been posted, but I am just tickled at the result.

When I first bought my bike a few months ago, it had a (very loud) Big Gun exhuast system and a Mikuni TM-33-8012 racing carburetor installed on it.  Great pick up, but it took forever to warm up, never ran at 100% at sea level, and I think the noise drove my neighbors nuts.  

After extensive searching, I finally acquired all the bits for a complete stock exhuast system (a la North American standards) and cleaned them up.  I had a competent mechanic replace the Mikuni with a stock carburetor.  It now runs smooth and whisper quiet.  I have definitely lost a bit of HP, but there is still plenty left and think that the trade off was worth it.

I am including a shot with the "new old" stock exhaust system installed. wink


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When you think about it, Yamaha must have spent a load of $$$ and time in testing and riding the TTR to make it suitable for noviced and experienced riders. wink

I'm sure all their time and money paid dividends and I think the original settings are suited to most riders. smile

I have been riding bikes since 1963 without stop - all year every year.
I'm more than satisfied with my stock TTR.
If I had wanted more oomph I would have bought a machine that gave more oomph rather than twisting the TTR's guts to give me more. aww

What's the point? Reliability certainly suffers as a result. confusehmm

It's the same with all the superbikes. You see the rainbow, leather clad riders every summer that buy a ZZR1000 or GSXR100 and spend hundreds on supposed "improvements" over stock just to increase BHP and MPH. In actuality, they can't handle the power and speed of the stock bike in the first place so why did they bother, except for showing off? disbeliefashamed

There, my little rant is over and I'll put my soap box away now. furious

Have a nice day. biggrin



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Martyn, clearly a gentleman and a scholar! the really nice thing about this forum is so many different people , doing so many different things. But all with a commonality, a very nice commonality the TTR250.

I have complete respect for Martyn, but I am a little "different" as the fantastic Mr Fox would say, I am sorry to say I can usually never leave well alone..... its not always horsepower is the search for me ( I do agree with his comments about showoffs) but horsepower can be fun, I started out looking for a WR, didnt even know what a TTR250 was - then I rode a WR it was not for me, as comfortable as sitting on a cactus still a lot of bike, but not for me, if I got it I new I wouldnt use it for long - no point. Then when I saw the TTR250, I have met with the enemy, I am theirs......
anyway GREAT bike Larry! enjoy your ride!!




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