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Post Info TOPIC: Rear Tyre Suggestions

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Rear Tyre Suggestions

I am just about ready for another rear tyre - any suggestions on what would last the longest?  Would a trials tyre last any longer, such as a MT43?

I typically ride 30 miles on road to the Peaks and it is wearing the rear down at an alarming rate....


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A lot of tyre choice is personal. The rest is down to availability, riding conditions, cost.

The same question put to Devon TRF members has the following answers:-

  • A round one

  • Pirelli MT43 or Mitas ET01 on the rear (mitas ET01 is a softer compound, similar tread pattern with better side grip but not really suitable for the larger trailie unless you don't mind buying lots) and I run a Mitas EF08 road legal enduro front.

  • MT43 or similar trials tyre on the rear - I have a Michelin X11 trials rear but only because it was lying around and needed using. Will go to an MT43 next time - brilliant on wet and dry rocks and personally I don't find it any worse in mud than an enduro tyre if you keep a steady throttle hand.wink

  • Any enduro front tyre will do - I guess regular enduro Gods will notice a difference but I still have the original MT320 Pirelli front which should be terrible (the rear was) but doesn't feel any worse than a new Michelin Comp III.
    Experiment with pressures - I use Oki puncture preventative in the tubes and run 12psi but used 15-17psi before that. Some go as low as 8psi in wet mud....watch out for squirming on the road though.
    Rears - I switch between a MT43 and a Maxxis intermediate.MxCross_IT_Rear.jpg  I have to admit that on our east Devon lanes (last week) my bike was handling better with the Maxxis than with the Mt43. The 43 is past it's best though it must be said. When I've squeezed the last life out of it I'm not 100% I'll get another.
    I've talked to a few people regarding tyre recently and the consensus seems to be if you ride south Devon/Cornwall area the go MT43 but for out east the ground's a little softer and you may benefit from a slightly more aggressive profile.
    Also the bike itself may be more suited to different tyre sizes and styles. I once bought a used oversized Michelin Comp3 tyre from a guy with a KDX220 as this tyre was proving to be too much for the engine - I think it was 120/90 so bare that in mind if you were think of up sizing.
    I'm fancying the Maxxis M6001 Intermediate Terrain tyre nextM6001_Intermediate.jpg  or maybe the Desert tyres.
    The Maxxcross Desert IT is specially designed compound increases durability in rocky or desert conditions by reducing chipping and cutting.
    * Stiffer carcass design minimizes flex, reducing the chance of pinched tubes
    * Tall knob design improves traction when racing in sandy conditions
    Problem is I suspect all the good tyres are not road approved - something to check first.confuse

So, you can see that a lot of suggestions - still leaving you with a quandary.

Good luck in your choice. wink



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East Budleigh. Devon

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I have Pirelli Scorpian Pro FIM fitted, not used them much in anger yet but they look ok



Arnside, UK 


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Cheers guys. I decided to try an MT43, but my local tyre supplier couldn't get hold of one, so I've ended up with a Comp 3 for now.

I'll try an MT43 next time. In terms of the height of the MT43, is a longer chain required, or can you get away with it?



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These are the tyres I'm going to get next, my rear is getting a bit dodgie with some severe chunking so is just about had it

Here's a link to my local forum, these guys are talking about the Dakar versions which will be to stiff for us OBT Forum

but heres a link to a web site that shows the lighter version called E-09 ADVENTURE

These 2 should work for us I think, certainly for me anyway considering the terrain I ride on
110/80-18 TT 58P
90/90-21 TT 54T

Rugged desert touring tyre
Crossply construction
All terrain, DOT approved
80% terrain, 20% highway mix



2004 TTR250 - Highway Dirtbike Hand Guards, 38mm Bar Risers, D606 Front & Rear, Opened up Airbox with Twin Air Filter, Re-jetted Carby, B+B Bash Plate & Frame Guards, DIY 3mm Alloy Tail Tidy, 14/47 Gearing.


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