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Post Info TOPIC: Webby's Motorcycles, Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia

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Webby's Motorcycles, Queensland Sunshine Coast, Australia

Kaos has sent me some quality scans of an ADB article from September 1996 of a shootout involving a big-bore TTR biggrin

Apparently, Webby's supplied a 300cc "kit" back in the day and I would be really interested to know what the kit consisted of. Was it just a bigger piston/sleeve or was it a stroked crankshaft?

Do any of our Australian members have any information on Webby's then and now and might have an old magazine with an advert in perhaps?

At the moment, I can't upload the scans as they are in .pdf format and need to get .jpg versions but, all will be revealed very soon!



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It was all just piston/sleeve AFAIK. I'm not aware of any strokers.
Back in the day everyone was hot rodding the aircooled 4 strokes for the Australian Thumpernats series, most people were racing XR250's with 280 kits and then the KLX250/300. When the TTR was released in 94 quite a few different shops began dropping in sleeves and bigger pistons.

292cc was most common at 10.5:1 and called a 300 kit. Some were just over 300cc. 303cc?? Sometime later I think Thumper racing in the USA developed their 325 (315) kit (but the USA didn't see TTR's until the 2000 model).

All that development was done and dusted because Yamaha, God Bless them, developed the YZ250f in around 2000 ish.
Theres already an article (scanned in by TTBoof) in the magazine thread"On display somewhere Lightweight TTR250 Special". Its about half way down that article but the bikes were built by BikeBiz in Parramatta. I believe Webby's used a similar setup.

I've got that magazine as well, I'll send that one through to you as well.


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