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red hot pipe

hello my name is Blaine Brady im from the America it should go with out saying but i have a us model bike not the European one im 14 years old and this ttr 250 2003 is my first modern dirt bike i have been riding vintage my whole motorcycle career 


my father took my carb off and cleaned it did a great job when we put it back on after cranking on it for a good hour in the cold about 3 degrees f or neg 16 c it finally started i i rode around my home one time and before my ride i saw my pipe was red hot coming out of the head i was wondering what i should do we think it may be an air leak from the carb to the head but im not sure any help would be great     



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A bit hard to start cold and a hot pipe 

may be a bit lean , the jets are hard to get clean as Brian recomends run a small piece of wire through them to remove any crud  if your happy the carby is clean check the idle air screw wind it out about 2 turns with the bike warmed up and idling slowly turn the screw in (with double jointed fingers biggrin ) until the revs drop and back it out a little should settle around 1 and 1/2 turns out 

 also check the inlet stub hasn’t seperated 

lean mixture tends to burn a bit slower and keeps burning in the pipe , maybe try a bit of choke and see if it cools a bit 

Also hang on a while for more responses there may be other suggestions like search glowing exhaust 


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A "red hot" topic back in the day - more info here http://ttr250.activeboard.com/t52675448/exhaust-header-glowing-red/?page=2#lastPostAnchor


PS And welcome to the forum!!!!  winkwinkbiggrinbiggrin


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