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Clutch cable replacement

Having been asked how difficult it is to fit a new clutch cable, I took a few pics whilst fitting one to my latest project TTR and hope they may help someone.

Standard genuine Yamaha cables available here.

Longer cables to accommodate risers or high bars available here.

First off is to remove the old cable. Pull back the rubber protector on the clutch perch and slacken off the adjuster all the way leaving the open sides lined up with the slot in the perch so that the cable can be removed.

Clutch cable fitting 5.jpg


Next up, remove the inner cable from the crankcase end - underneath the carb.

Clutch cable fitting 1.jpg


It may help to leave the cable in place to show it's routing which can be copied when fitting the new one.

The cable runs through a clip on the rear head mounting which has to be taken out.  The clip is held in place by two springy tabs behind the mount. You need to squeeze these together whilst pulling on the clip. This is what the clip looks like:

Clutch cable fitting 2.jpg


Push the crankcase end of the new cable down past the shock reservoir and fit the inner cable into the clutch actuating arm and tension it to make sure it sits properly in its slot. Then fit the outer cable end into its holder as below (yes - you have seen this pic before biggrin):

Clutch cable fitting 1.jpg


Fit the new cable into the clip on the engine mount:

Clutch cable fitting 3.jpg


The cable feeds through to the handlebars via a frame retainer bar and it fits below the throttle cables:

Clutch cable fitting 4.jpg


Having removed the old cable, fitting the new one is the reverse procedure at the perch end except that you have to take the rubber protector off the old cable and fit to the new before slotting the inner cable end into the clutch lever:

Clutch cable fitting 5.jpg


Wind out the inner adjuster until you have the appropriate amount of free play at the lever. Then tighten the large knurled retainer up tight against the perch making sure the slots are no longer lined up so that the inner cable can't pop out.

Clutch cable fitting 6.jpg


It should then look like this:

Clutch cable fitting 7.jpg

Clutch cable fitting 8.jpg


Job done!



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